Dear Customers,

 In a moment we sell various  Dominant pullets.  Price of 4 months old pullet is 9,5 euro.

On 21th of May day-old chickens received from Hungary. There are :

  • -Industrial  brown breed Tetra SL-LL.
  • -New rural brown, stress resistant  breed Tetra Country.
  • -Black  high production,  heat resistant breed Harco.
  • -Black heavy layer Super Harco. 
  • -Industrial  high production white layer Superb.

In a middle of July we will start to sell them.

Starting 22th of June we will have for sale various breeds and colors day-old  Hungarian  and Dominant chickens !! They are already delivered on 18th of June.

Czech Dominant  layer breeds 

Hungarian  layer breeds

Dutch breed Bovans Brown